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Dryer Holder - 18 inch

Dryer Holder - 18 inch Dryer Holder - 18 inch

Developed to meet the needs of small animal groomers. It is used by grooming shops, professional handlers, and animal lovers as they prepare their animals for shows, exhibitions, etc. It also is used by people who lost full or partial use of an arm or shoulder, allowing them to dry their hair using only one hand. - A small, sturdy, clamp to securely mount it to a table or other object (i.e. door, chair, rail, etc.). - Separate adjusting knob that allows you to move the dryer without removing clamp. - An easy to use saddle and bungee arrangement to conveniently hold most, if not all, hand-held hair dryers. It easily accommodates blower hoses, lights, or whatever your need. - Commercial quality flexible tubing that is easily bent into position, yet stays where you put it. - Sturdy aluminum and stainless-steel construction to provide years of use. - Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. Made in USA

Price: $75.00

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