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Artero Long-handled Slicker

Artero Long-handled Slicker Artero Long-handled Slicker

<p>This is an amazing slicker brush though a bit different from what we're used to using. It took me about a week to get used to it but I can say that it does an incredible job on heavily furnished legs. Cocker exhibitors love it for that purpose. I use it on my Lhasas both for legs and to give a final finish on the sides that is better than the best comb. </p>
<p>This is more for finishing the coat than dematting. Use a stiffer slicker for that purpose.</p>
<li>Pins - 0.8"</li>
<li>Very fine</li>
<li>Soft pad and finish</li>
<p>This is a right-handed brush. The double-sided brush is great for both righties and lefties.</p>

Price: $21.00

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