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About Us

The Grooming Guru is owned by Cassandra and Raul de la Rosa, successful breeders and exhibitors of Lhasa Apsos under the Suntory prefix since 1970. We are American Lhasa Apso Club Breeders of Merit and have bred 80 AKC champions, including regional and national specialty winners, group winners, and AKC and international best-in-show champions. Our dogs regularly place in the top ten. In 2017, our owner-handled GCH Bodnath Jigme, was #1 Lhasa Apso All-Breed, and in December 2018, he won an all-breed Best in Show over an entry of 1,590 dogs - owner-handled! We also have owned Pekingese, Shiba Inu and a top-ten Japanese Chin.

We are committed owner-handlers, so perfecting our grooming and presentation skills is essential to highlighting the quality of the dogs we breed. Our philosophy always has favored a natural approach--enhance the dog's qualities and let quality sell itself. We take this same approach to The Grooming Guru by bringing An Animal House, Artero and A Magical Touch and Espana Silk products to dog show enthusiasts and pet owners who want the best for their hairy friends.

We use the products we sell! Our products are used by many top breeders, professional handlers and successful owner-handlers in the country, along with numerous pet owners who want only the best for their cherished companions. We were attracted to these products because they do not contain harsh silicones, lanolin, propylene glycol, salts or bleach. While these additives might make the coat look good today, the long-term effects of build-up and chemical damage related to scratching, matting, and breakage cause more work and poorer results in the long term.

Grooming is hard work, but you deserve products that work WITH you, yielding better results for the same effort.

We are always happy to answer questions about our products or about grooming issues in general. Simply contact us!

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